Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Washington, Nanny’s attorney asks for trial delay in baby’s death | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Reportedly, the lawyer for a woman charged in the death of a 1-year-old Richland boy asked to delay the trial seven months while he consults with a “shaken baby” expert.
Scott Johnson told a judge Wednesday that his client, Kelli Anne Jacobsen, deserves a fair trial and that includes allowing him time to investigate the allegations and prepare his defense.
Johnson reportedly said he was able to find an expert in the field of shaken baby syndrome with help from a University of Wisconsin professor, but the man does not have time to review the case until the end of this month or early April. And then, the expert won’t be available to testify until October because of a backlog of other trials, he said.
“Given the complexity of this case, I think it’s justified,” Johnson said of his request for a lengthy delay.
Judge Vic VanderSchoor said he has confidence in Johnson’s efforts to keep the case moving along, but told him to speak with his expert and see if they can work out an earlier date.
The Benton County Superior Court trial tentatively is set for June 4.
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