"She was my baby girl," Harrington said. "We were close. We were very close. She loved being with me. I loved being with her. I think she was a mommy's girl. She didn't want to be with anybody but me.
When Harrington was reportedly diagnosed with a painful back condition in late march, she says she relied on her boyfriend at the time--Troy Love.
"I was pretty much bed-ridden so he was really hands on with the kids," Harrington said.
Whil Harrington reportedly recovered, she became concerned about Bre'Elle's health. She noticed the girl had blood shot eyes, her hair fell out, that there were bruises on her ears and that she had a sore throat.
"I didn't know what was happening to my baby," Harrington said.
That following weekend Harrington reportedly took her daughter to the hospital. She says the doctor told her Bre'Elle had an ear infection and gave her medication.
Harrington reportedly testified that a couple of days later she had put her children down for a nap and she and Love got into an argument. It wasn't long after that when Harrington said Love woke her up from a nap on the couch.
"I rememeber somebody kicking the couch saying 'Robin wake up. Bree's  not breething, Brees not breathing," Harrington said.
Bre'Elle was reportedly transferred to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. When Harrington got down there she says doctors told her Bre'Elle had shaken baby syndrome.