Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Washington, Kelso baby dies of 'shaken baby' injuries | Shaken Baby Syndrome

A Kelso, Wash., man has reportedly been arrested for investigation of murder in the death of a 1-month-old baby.
The Cowlitz County sheriff's office reportedly says an autopsy conducted Monday by the Oregon state medical examiner's office determined the death was a homicide and the child, James Childers, died of a closed head injury. The sheriff's office says help was called Friday to the home where 20-year-old Christopher Everette lives with the baby's mother. The boy had stopped breathing. He was airlifted to Oregon Health & Science University Hospital in Portland where he died Sunday.
Bail for Everette was reportedly set last Monday at $1 million.
Doctors reportedly told sheriff's detectives the baby had brain bruising, broken ribs, a broken arm and abdominal injuries. They said the injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome.
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