Monday, October 15, 2012

In Massachusetts, Man arrested on allegations of child abuse | Shaken Baby Syndrome

A man was reportedly arrested on Friday (Oct. 5) in connection to allegations he abused his infant and may have shaken her.  Following an investigation into the allegations, Michael Diehl, 30, was charged with child abuse causing substantial bodily harm.
Officers from the Winnemucca Police Department responded to the baby’s home after a report to the Humboldt County Dispatch that the baby had been crying for more than two hours. The report also included information the baby may have been shaken.
At the residence officers met with the mother and father of the baby. The mother indicated she was notified by a friend something might be wrong with the baby, so she came home to check on her.
During the investigation, Diehl jumped from a second story window, onto a car below, and fled the scene.
The baby was taken to Humboldt General Hospital for an evaluation.
Diehl was subsequently apprehended, arrested and charged with child abuse with substantial bodily harm, causing in excess of $2,000 in damages to a vehicle, resisting/delaying a peace officer, and disorderly conduct.
Bail was set at $127,000.
The investigation is ongoing.
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