The nurses in Brattleboro Memorial Hospital's Birthing Center have reportedly been recognized by the state for having the highest completion rate of parents who went through an educational program on the dangers of shaking infants.
Last year, reportedly 97 percent of the families who used the birthing center completed, and returned, their pledges, saying they watched an eight-minute educational video and promising to keep their babies safe.
The 97-percent completion rate was reportedly the highest in Vermont, said Kay Shangraw, manager of the Prevent Child Abuse Vermont Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program.
"Some hospitals only do the video, and others just do the education," Shangraw said at BMH Wednesday. "What the nurses are doing here is great. It means they are educating just about everybody."
BMH has reportedly been taking part in the statewide education campaign since 2009, and during that time Vermont has seen a significant decrease in the number of reported incidents of shaken baby syndrome.
Between October 2007 and December 2010 there were 23 cases in the news or brought to the attention of Prevent Child Abuse Vermont.
Of those 23 cases, six infants died.
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