Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby Found Unresponsive at Daycare in Oklahoma - Shaken Baby Syndrome

Raven Koch, 1, of Davis Oklahoma, was reportedly found unresponsive on May 3, 2011 while in the care of the babysitter.  Raven was transferred to OU Medical Center to undergo surgery to treat an acute subdural hematoma, but sadly, the precious baby died May 4th, 2011.  

This is such a sad case, as all cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome are, knowing the horrific act is 100% preventable.  

Beautiful Raven is reportedly survived by her mother, Taryn Koch of the home, and her father, Derrick Bennett of Arkansas.  

A little girl whom loved to smile and dance, brought tons of smiles and joy to her dear family.

Ravens reported injuries include the subdural hematoma, retinal hemorrhages and a soft tissue hemorrhage in her beautiful little eyes.

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