Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Jared! Shaken Baby Syndrome of Virginia, Inc.

Yesterday, October 6, 2011, marked Jared's 5th Birthday.  Jared survived and fought way beyond what doctors could have ever guessed, and the Legacy Steve and Kathy Stowe carry on for him is simply amazing!

On Jared's 5th Birthday, Steve and Kathy spent the day like many others whom have lost a child due to the complications of Surviving Shaken Baby Syndrome, however this year, they reminded the Medical Responders and Fire Department, but honoring them for their service to Jared in the time he was here.

The Stowe's took Pizza, t-shirts, and many other gifts to the Fire and Medical personnel as a thank you, and to remind them how important and touching their services are, not just for them but for all the families.

To Steve and Kathy, Jared may be resting eternally, but he will never be forgotten!

Happy 5th Birthday Jared!

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  1. This story about Jared touched me because I also have a SBS Survivor named Jared who is 9 years old.  We adopted him after being his Foster Parents.  He have proven to be a true miracle and beautiful blessing in our lives.  Everyday is a challenge and I have not been able to find a job that allows this, but Our Jared has taught us more about Love, Belief, Hope, Prayer and Enthusiasm for Life than most people will never even get to  experience.  God Bless Your Jared who is looking down on you.  Take Care.  Deirdre Brehaney