Thursday, December 1, 2011

In California | Ramona Boy, Shaken as a Baby, Dies in His Sleep | Shaken Baby Syndrome

A very sad story today, a 6 year old boy, whom was reportedly shaken at the fragile age of 2 months by his biological father, passed away on Tuesday due to complications the child reportedly received from the traumatic brain injury due to Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The boy, reportedly identified as Sam, is one of four special needs children adopted by Chris Dahlke, as reported by Dahlke's daughter Barbara Smith.

In this report, the daughter, Barbara Smith spoke with reporters, and stated Sam was hooked to machines, and due to the injuries sustained when he was just 2 months old, the boy was reportedly blind, non-communicative, and had heart problems.

Also reported, due to the death of Sam, Barbara Smith also reportedly stated the biological father could face homicide charges. The sheriffs department has not released any information pertaining to the biological father of Sam, or information as to whether there would be possible homicide charges.

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