Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In Connecticut | Man Charged in Baby's Death | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Today, an extremely sad report came across the NBC Connecticut News, stating a man, reportedly by the name of Osvaldo Romero has been arrested and charged in regards to the death of a 3 month old boy, according to reports.

Reportedly, Police have stated the young boy died on Friday, and sadly, the likely cause is Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Osvaldo Romero was reportedly arrested on Tuesday night, and charged with felony risk of injury to a child, and second degree manslaughter, this reportedly stated by the Advocate.

Previous court records reportedly show Osvaldo Romero was previously convicted of larceny charges in 2006, and his parole was reportedly terminated in 2009 after a breach of peace charge.

Also in this report, it was reportedly stated by the Police, they are investigating the possibility the child was sexually assaulted.

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