Friday, December 30, 2011

In West Virginia, Man Faces Charges for Shaking, Injuring Infant | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Leon Charles Wheeler III, AKA Leon Charles King is reportedly facing charges for child abuse creating injury, for reportedly shaking his 3 month old infant son.  The 3 month old infant, whose name is Donovan L. Huffman, reportedly is suffering both physical and neurological damage due to being violently shaken.  

The incident reportedly took place at their residence on December the 8th, and as the infants mother, Lacy Huffman, was reportedly returning home from work, after receiving a ride to their home by her boss, found Wheeler, who had reportedly been at home with the 3 month old boy, and their two older children, coming out of the home to reportedly ask the mothers boss for a ride to the hospital because reportedly something was very wrong with the 3 month old boy.  Huffman said she told him her boss couldn’t take them to the hospital because he had to get home to his family.

Signs and Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome

According to this report, the mother, Lacy Huffman later told the investigators that the baby was up and down all night and she noticed his eyes reportedly “did not look right” like he ”was not there.” The next morning Huffman reportedly said the baby’s right leg and arm began shaking and an ambulance was called.

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