Friday, December 30, 2011

In Ohio, Man Gets 4 Years in Prison for Son's Permanent Injuries | Shaken Baby Syndrome

In a recent report, Jonathan Dominguez, father of 4 month old Averik Dominguez, was reportedly sentenced to 4 years in prison for the permanent injuries Averik sustained causing significant disabilities.
At the sentencing, the mother of 4 month old Averik, Miranda Hughes, reportedly gave her impact statement to which she stated:

"Because of your actions, he will never be the boy that he would have become had you not committed the acts you committed," the judge said. " … You will always be Averik's biological father but you are no longer his dad. … You can't be. You almost killed him."

Reportedly, on Aug. 13, Dominguez squeezed the child with enough force to leave bruises on his back and fracture three ribs, Mr. Pituch said. The next day, he reportedly shook Averik with such force that it caused bleeding on the brain.

Dominguez reportedly apologized for his actions and said that he hoped one day his son and his son's mother would forgive him. Calling it "the biggest mistake I will ever make," Dominguez said he took responsibility for his actions. "At the end of the day he is my son," he said. "I love him with all my heart."

Judge Zmuda reportedly said it was not love but selfishness Dominguez showed the day he hurt a crying baby.

"You may have loved him with all your heart but you needed to love him with your head and you didn't do that," the judge said. "The life sentence will be knowing that your son will never be the son he could have been."

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