Friday, May 18, 2012

In Alaska, Detective testifies in hearing against accused murderer | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Four-month-old Rian Orr reportedly woke up “fine and happy” for her early morning feeding on Aug. 9, 2010, according to the testimony of the lead Juneau police detective who investigated the infant’s death.
It was only after David J. Paul reportedly took the baby to the bathroom to make her a bottle, where he later admitted accidently dropping her on her head and shaking her, that Orr started to become fussy, said Det. Kim Horn.
“Jackie said the baby woke up fine and happy, and then David took the baby to the bathroom to make a bottle, and then had come back to change the diaper and the baby had been fussy from that point on,” Horn said from the stand.
She reportedly wouldn’t feed during her 9 a.m. feeding. She then began tensing up, then seizing. She was taken to Bartlett Regional Hospital around 11 a.m. and died a week later at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center on Aug. 15.
Horn was reportedly once again called into Juneau Superior Court on Thursday to testify in the murder case against 23-year-old David Paul, who is accused of killing girlfriend Jacqueline M. Orr’s baby.
The King County Medical State Examiner in Seattle ruled Orr’s death a homicide from blunt force injury, with a soft object to the head. Doctors also found older injuries (multiple rib fractures, a femur fracture and bruising on her chest).
Prosecutors reportedly argue Paul caused the head injury by either dropping the baby, or by shaking her, and the bruises from gripping her too tightly.
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