Thursday, May 17, 2012

In Nevada, Local Family Raises Awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome | Shaken Baby Syndrome

 It’s Mother’s Day weekend, but instead of relaxing one local mother is working to help families who are facing the challenges of shaken baby syndrome.

Aiden Jacot laughs like any normal child, but two years ago today he was shaken by a babysitter. His father, Robert, was called to pick him up from daycare.

“I saw him sitting there on the floor, just lethargic and helpless,” Robert Jacot said. “I ran over to him and fell to my knees, and I knew right away something was terribly wrong with him.”

Aiden’s mother Bonnie reportedly said she was totally devastated. “I couldn't even comprehend how someone could do such a thing,” she said. “I still can't comprehend how somebody could do that.”

Aiden reportedly turns three this summer, but because of his traumatic brain injury he’s different from other three-year-olds. 

“He's incapable of taking care of himself,” Robert said. “We have to feed him through a g-tube in his belly button. We have to make sure that he's turned, and he has therapy every day.“

Aiden is also reportedly blind and still wears a diaper, but instead of focusing on the negative, the Jacots are using their experience to help other families facing shaken baby syndrome.

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