Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Florida, Pasco shaken baby trial begins with mother testifying against the child's father | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Even before baby Lukuz Gelb was born, his mother already reportedly nicknamed him Lucky.  She says he was the perfect little boy. 

But in September 2008, when Lukuz was just two months old, Leann Rodriguez reportedly came home to where she lived in Port Richey and found her son wasn't breathing.  Doctors told her the boy had severe brain injuries and broken bones in his legs.  

"Worst case of shaken baby syndrome that they've seen in the state of Florida," Rodriguez was told. 

Authorities reportedly soon arrested the man they say is responsible for hurting Lukuz.  It wasn't a baby sitter or daycare worker --but the boy's own father, Jonathan Gelb.
Wednesday morning at the Pasco County courthouse in New Port Richey, testimony began in Gelb's trial.  He is reportedly charged with aggravated child abuse.
The child was in the courtroom, but he was taken home before the trial started. It's likely the jury will not see him in person.

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