Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Ohio, Jury Finds Man Guilty in Death of Girlfriend's Baby | Shaken Baby Syndrome

A 27-year old south Fairmount man, whose nickname is "Life," was reportedly spared the death penalty today by a Hamilton County jury.  However, Loinell Dangerfield was still found guilty of murdering his girlfriend's three month old baby.

Local 12 News reporter Jeff Hirsh was reportedly at the courthouse when the verdict came in.  It only took the jury five and a half hours over two days to find Dangerfield not guilty of aggravated murder, but guilty of murder in the beating death of 3-month-old Zhimera Binford.

Dangerfield reportedly never took the witness stand. In fact, the defense called no witnesses at all. But, after the verdict, when given the chance to make a statement, Dangerfield was unapologetic, insisting he was convicted based on "false facts." Dangerfield says, "I refuse to apologize for something I didn't do."

But, Judge Ralph Winkler said he agreed with the jury.  Winkler says, "I was here for the whole trial. The evidence of his guilt on the murder and the felonious assault was overwhelming."

The prosecution literally pounded home the reported brutal nature of Binford's death, blunt force trauma, mentioned in both opening statements and closing arguments. Assistant Prosecutor Katie Pridemore says, "He lacerated her liver. He fractured her skull, and he beat her at least six times on a hard surface over and over and over again, until that baby ended up dying."

Assistant Prosecutor Katie Burroughs reportedly says, "Everybody has embedded in their mind the concept of shaken baby syndrome, and what we were trying to show to them, that as so much more than just shaken baby syndrome, the classic terminology of shaking your child."

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