Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Virginia, Former Helena Resident Apprehended for Child Abuse | Shaken Baby Syndrome

A former Helena resident reportedly faces felony child endangerment and child neglect charges for allegedly shaking a baby girl.

The girl's mother reportedly tells a local news station John Robert LaRue was extradited to Lynchburg, Virginia Wednesday.

Authorities apprehended LaRue in Pennsylvania after police stopped his vehicle for allegedly changing lanes without using a turn signal last week.

LaRue is reportedly accused of severely injuring then sixteen-month-old Juliana Thaxton while he was babysitting her in 2010.

An MRI revealed that Juliana reportedly suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome. Juliana’s mother Joleen tells ABC 5 Juliana is unable to walk, talk or see as a result of the trauma LaRue allegedly inflicted and eats from a feeding tube.

Joleen hasn't been able to reportedly come forward until now and says even though an arrest will do nothing for her daughter's future she says it’s her calling to make parents aware and protect children.

“John LaRue’s arrest does not heal Juliana and the punishment will never fit this type of heinous crime so we’re trying now to move on and not focus on Mr. LaRue anymore and now we can move forward and prevent this from happening to other children hopefully and let the system deal with him and hopefully hold him accountable for the things he has done,” says Juliana’s mother Joleen.

LaRue reportedly faces up to 30 years in prison. Thaxton wants to reach parents, pediatricians and the public so they are made aware of the symptoms of child abuse. 

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