Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Organization Spotlight | Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc | with Catherine Sanders

Each month we like to bring light to the amazing organizations around the country that are doing amazing things on a local or national level.

Today we have a very inspirational story to share with you!  I recently had the pleasure to come into contact with Catherine Sanders.  Catherine is the mother to Shaken Baby Syndrome Survivor Ryan Mac Sanders.  Ryan, born in August 1992, he was born a happy healthy little boy with such a bright future ahead.  Sadly in October 1992, was shaken, leaving him with life altering injuries.  

Serving barely 18 months in jail the perpetrator was able to walk free and back to his so called normal life while this precious little boy would be impacted by his injuries for the rest of his life.

Throughout the journey of SBS, one of the number one factors the families witness is how much they learn in the first years of the incident, and the many following.  Catherine shares with us, the greatest inspiration she has learned is that Ryan is a blessing even though he is so challenged and it could have been worse.  One of the most helpful tools for healing, Catherine has learned therapy and psychological assistance help to ease one's heart when you can not even fathom the vicious act committed against your child.

Catherine also finds that she will focus her attention on something positive, possibly exercise, dealing with the emotional toll that is even more difficult after 19 years than when Ryan was a baby or toddler.  A goal set forth for Ryan  is happiness, safety and as much independence as possible.

In January 2005, Catherine set out to make those dreams and goals become a reality, by founding Shaken Baby Prevention Inc.  

Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc. develops, evaluates and implements services for shaken baby syndrome awareness and prevention, education, victim/victim family support.  These services are aimed at educating the public about SBS, increase support for families and provide information to ensure victims’ rights in the criminal justice system.  Through these services we strive to foster dignity, respect, compassion and fair treatment for the victims and victim families.

Though life is not what it once was, Catherine has found a common ground for her and Ryan to have a life filled with love for all those surrounding them.  The inspiration Catherine would like to provide for anyone whose lives have been changed by Shaken Baby Syndrome, Nobody can predict what our survivors are capable.  The brain is always changing, you don't need all your brain cells to succeed.  Love does heal and stress slows down the process.

Thank you Catherine for sharing your story with all of us! To learn more about Catherine, Ryan, and Shaken Baby Prevention Inc. Please visit: http://www.sbsprevention.com

If you have any questions or concerns about what can be done to help babies who have been shaken, or families of babies who have died, please call Christopher Keane and The Keane Law Firm toll-free for free consultation at (888) 592-5437 (KIDS), click on contact us here, or use the web form provided at http://www.keanelaw.com

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